People have made all sorts of claims about the movie Birdemic: Shock and Terror. The rhetoric has soared like a swarm of killer birds, driven mad by unknown forces. But we've seen Birdemic, and we're here testify about its greatness.


Just check out the amazing clip reel we've prepared for you. You've got the absolutely stunning acting, in the scene where the dot-com lottery winner tells his friend that a Ferrari is the only way to get into a girl's pants. And then — after a full half hour of character development — the movie ramps up the bird attacks. No other film has ever managed to portray a monster attack in the way Birdemic does — the way those birds just sort of hover in mid air, flapping their wings. It's genius. Luckily, you can keep the bird army at bay with some pants hangers. It's the little alligator snaps that really scare the little fuckers.

Then there's the amazing "girl killed while trying to take a dump" scene, followed by the epic "bus rescue" scene, where the birds unveil their secret weapon — bird pee. And lots of it! Finally, they slash a guy's throat as he tries to rob our heroes at gunpoint.


There are many, many more amazing scenes in Birdemic — we were only really able to cover a few of the great moments in this gem of a horror movie. The film just got a fancy new release on DVD and Blu-Ray, so there's nothing stopping you from having a Birdemic party in your own home. Just make sure you bring some hangers, just in case.

Here's the trailer:

And a compilation of great acting scenes:

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