Look, I know, I know, that The Huntsman has all the hallmarks of a train wreck. The story of its production is Gordian in its knotness. Rather than slice the thing in half, the movie's gone with a strategy of "hiring all the best women they can." The latest person joining the cast? Jessica Chastain.

The prequel already had Charlize Theron returning as Ravenna, the eventual evil queen. Earlier, we heard that Emily Blunt was joining the cast as Ravenna's sister. Variety reports that Chastain has been cast, even though details on her part are "vague."


I'd bet that she's playing someone related to Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman, since the film is said to be a prequel focusing on how he met Ravenna in the first place. I'd happily be proved wrong, and discover that she's another sister. Let's just have three fabulous witchy sisters wreaking havoc. Give them all the focus and ditch the Hemsworth-focused title for one that gives these three awesome women the spotlight. Mainly because the story of the witches is more interesting than "Huntsman meets Queen and starts to work for her."