The legendary Mongolian Death Worm is reportedly five feet long, with the ability to spew sulphuric acid and emit a deadly electrical charge. But it's these very qualities that have cryptid seekers searching high and low for the toxic monster.

Natives of the Gobi Desert region have long told stories about the Mongolian Death Worm, and the creature came to Western attention through the writings of Roy Chapman Andrews, the man said to be the inspiration for Indiana Jones. As if it's resemblance to a Graboid were not enough, its acidic saliva and ability to discharge electricity could, if real, kill any curious cryptozoologist it believed to be a threat. Still, the Death Worm has captured the imagination of the cryptozoological community, inspiring curious artwork and numerous expeditions. In 2005, zoological journalist Richard Freeman mounted one such expedition, but came up empty handed.


Freeman resolved that the tales of the worm must be apocryphal, and that reported sightings probably involved non-poisonous burrowing reptiles. But that hasn't stopped others from trying to find the worm for themselves. Entertainment reporter David Farrier was inspired by an interview with Freeman and his crew to try his hand at tracking the monster. He'll also be bringing a documentary crew to film the hunt, so should Farrier actual encounter the worm himself, at least he'll leave some photographic evidence behind.

David Farrier goes on hunt for Mongolian death worm [via Cryptomundo]
Images and background via Environmental Graffiti
"Lair of the Red Worm" via BoingBoing