The hunt for Haven's skinwalker leads to the most obvious suspect

With just days left before she steps into the barn and presumably ends the Troubles, Audrey Parker is on the hunt for the skinwalker who has been plaguing Haven all season long. And once she's resolved the case of an amnesiac man who causes the entire town to slip into a coma, she finds her skinwalker right where we most expected. Spoilers below.

The Hunter meteor shower is on its way, which means it's almost time for Audrey to disappear and bring an end to the Troubles. But before she does that, she has a couple of things to wrap up: saying goodbye to Nathan and Duke and figuring out who the identity-stealing skinwalker is wearing these days. She gathers her best Troubleshooters together at the skinwalker's creepy fish tank lair and explains the situation. The Teagues are none too surprised to learn there's a skinwalker in their midst, suggesting that they likely know the lineage, if not the original identity of our flesh thief. Audrey explains that everyone in her inner circle will have to be interviewed in order to prove he or she is not the skinwalker.

This segues into a series of frankly terrible interviews (Seriously, didn't the original Audrey Parker leave her with better interrogation skills?) in which Audrey dismisses everyone as the skinwalker more or less based on her gut feeling. At one point, Dr. Claire seems to slip up, stating that she and Audrey went to the Gull the night they worked on the facial composite, but Claire calmly defends herself by saying that she was testing Audrey to make sure she was not the skinwalker and Audrey seems satisfied. Dr. Claire also sits in on the other interviews, making Claire privy to the fact that Audrey has been playing kissy face with both Nathan and Duke.


The Trouble of the Week is told in parallel as everyone in Haven seemingly slips off to sleep, leaving only Audrey and one other man conscious. The man, who wears a knock-off Star Wars shirt reading, "I'm the Droid you're looking for," can't remember who he is or how he got into the back of an ambulance. He does, however, seem to possess an unusual amount of medical knowledge, enough that he realizes that the denizens of Haven are not asleep but in a degenerative coma. They'll need to figure out his identity and the nature of his Trouble and fast.

Eventually, they do figure out who he is (Will Brady), but as they inspect his home, Audrey finds a puffin earring that belonged to one of the Bolt-Gun Killer's victims. Audrey accuses Will of being the skinwalker, but it turns out that Will was actually a friend of the victim, Erin, and was present when she was attacked. As his memory starts to return in flashes, he remembers the Bolt-Gun Killer whispering "Hush" in her ear. The killer also struck Will on the back of his head, causing him to eventually pass out. Will regrets that he didn't tell his friend that he loved her before they were attacked.

Gradually, more and more of Will's memory returns and he and Audrey realize the source of this Trouble. The attack caused Will to slip into a coma, but while in the coma, he could hear everything going on around him (hence the freaky medical knowledge about comas). His siblings decided to have him unplugged and he was in the ambulance because they were taking him home to die. In order to reverse the Trouble, Will would have to reenter his coma. He muses to Audrey that he wished he could have said goodbye to everyone, that he could have had a few more hours. "A few days," Audrey agrees, thinking of her own situation. "Parker," he says, "if I had a few days, I'd fight this tooth and nail." For a throwaway character, Will was pretty charming. Too bad he couldn't stick around as a platonic pal for Audrey. Back at the hospital, Audrey manages to talk Will's siblings out of unplugging him again, convincing them that he can hear everything they're saying.

After sharing a moment with Nathan at the hospital, in which he promises to help try and keep her in Haven, Audrey heads home to hang out with Dr. Claire. Audrey tells Claire that maybe if she catches the skinwalker, he can tell her about the barn and she can figure out how not to disappear. Audrey reviews her notes on the Teagues and Claire notes that the skinwalker tortured them for information on the Colorado Kid and the barn. "I don't remember them mentioning the barn," Audrey says, examining her notes. "Sure they did," Claire replies. Audrey starts rambling about the barn and her death and Claire stops her: "Audrey, hush." (And Audrey flashes on Will telling her about the Bolt-Gun Killer saying, "Hush.") Claire tells her that they can't worry about things that are out of their control and Audrey tearfully looks away.


Claire screws up her face in a very un-Claire-like expression. "Um, Audrey?" she says. "I have a question." She pulls a gun from her waistband. "What gave me away?"

So there you go; Dr. Claire is the skinwalker. I know a lot of folks in the comments were hoping she wasn't the one, but to be honest, I couldn't figure out any other reason she would be so, so terrible at her job, especially when she's been treating the Troubled for so long. Of course, there are still a few mysteries regarding the skinwalker left: Who was he or she originally? What is his or her connection to the Teagues? And does the skinwalker know something that could keep Audrey Parker alive and in Haven with her memories intact?


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She was not always the skin walker for a while she was just Claire remember she and Tommy where in the house at the same time (the house that was alive) and came out together she got skin taken after Tommy got found out so when we first saw her that was the real Claire.

Unless there are two skin walkers then we are really in trouble...