The Hunger Games Helped a 12-Year-Old Girl Become a Real-Life Hero


Can YA fiction save lives? Or at least aid a kid suffering from a nasty wound? A 12-year-old Massachusetts girl helped an injured friend over the weekend thanks to quick thinking—and a makeshift tourniquet she whipped up using a technique she read about in The Hunger Games.


On Saturday afternoon, Megan Gething and her friend Mackenzie George were playing outside in a neighborhood marsh when George slipped and slashed open her leg. While George was screaming for someone to call an ambulance, Gething recalled a moment from the first Hunger Games novel where Katniss saves Peeta’s leg by using her sleeve and an arrow to fashion a tourniquet.

“I knew it from a book I read. I figured it was a well-known method of stopping bleeding,” Gething told the Gloucester Times. “Going through my mind was just helping ‘Kenzie.”


After using a pair of shorts to control George’s bleeding, Gething and the group of friends she was with were able to get her to a nearby hospital where she’s now recovering. Whether or not reading The Hunger Games can help you actually survive a fight-to-the-death competition in a dystopian future remains up for debate—but its ability to coach a preteen through some pretty intense first aid is now confirmed.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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Christian Corralejo

This is actually a good note for fiction writers; include practical technics for first aid, fighting, etc* in your stories. It makes it believable and useful in real world situations.

*probably best to research them first.