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Sure, the trailer for the sixth season of True Blood features plenty of shirtless dudes (plus Jessica gone school girl), but it also zooms in on a clear plot: plenty of humans are sick and tired of the vampires, and want to eradicate the species once and for all.

The last two seasons of True Blood have been especially wonky, with plotlines picked up and abandoned at the drop of a blood-soaked hat. But the upcoming season looks like it's going to deal nicely with the fallout from Season Five. Bill's walking around thinking he's Vampire God, while humanity hasn't taken so kindly to last season's wanton slaughter of humans at the hands of the Lilith worshippers. Looks like we'll be getting an anti-vampire movement that makes the Fellowship of the Sun look like the Boy Scouts. It's a promising taste of what's to come, but can True Blood deliver a season with the old balance of plot and ridiculous that we loved in the early years?


[via The Mary Sue]

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