The Hulk's Greatest Foe: Edward Norton?

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Sure, we're won't like him when he's angry, but just what is Bruce Banner angry about? According to rumors, it may be an argument over who gets the final cut of the new Incredible Hulk movie that's getting Ed Norton, the new Banner, all hot under the collar and tearing up his purple pants. The feud may even prevent the movie from making its planned June release date. Find out more under the jump.

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Traditional "anonymous insiders" are telling rumormongers that Norton, who rewrote the script for the planned summer blockbuster in addition to playing the lead role, is currently clashing with not only the director of the movie, but also production company and Hulk owner Marvel Comics over the way that the movie is shaping up:

Says one insider, "There's a lot of posturing going on between Edward's camp and Marvel over how you edit the final version." Sources also tell me that, starting last night and continuing at least throughout today, the actor will be holed up with Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel, Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige, and director Louis Leterrier to try to "reach an amicable resolution" to this $150+ million film feud.


With top executives from Universal, the company releasing the movie for producers Marvel, not having seen any rough edits of the movie just yet, the planned June release date may be in question if a final decision regarding final cuts isn't reached soon. This wouldn't be Edward Norton's first high-profile feud: that would be American History X, where he clashed with director Tony Kaye and tried to seize control over the movie.

As long as we still get our cameos from Sam Jackson's Nick Fury and Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, we'll happily watch no matter whose vision is on the screen. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

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@Plague: if he wants to do the VFX he's

welcome to try...the people doing them are working 7 days a week right

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