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The Hottest Trend In Upcoming TV Shows? Remakes

Illustration for article titled The Hottest Trend In Upcoming TV Shows? Remakes

Last year this time, high-concept ideas were making waves among the big TV networks. But according to Deadline this year's winning pitches were medical dramas, and remakes of old TV shows and movies.


The TV show remakes in the pipeline for next year include Bewitched and The Greatest American Hero. But TV shows based on old movies are even hotter, including Big, Devil's Advocate, The Illusionist, Limitless, Real Genius and Minority Report.

The other difference from last year's more extravagant buying spree? There are fewer direct-to-series orders, after some shows that were ordered direct to series, like the Egyptian mythology show Hieroglyph, were cancelled without even airing. The main direct-to-series order this year is Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, over at Fox. [Deadline]

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Real Genius was the best of the '80s whiz-kids movies.