The Hottest Beats in Any Galaxy Are Playing for Friday's Gif Party

The Expanse’s Miller (Thomas Jane) is not a fan of these sweet moves.
Gif: Syfy

The Rocinante is preparing to launch—and so are our sweet dance moves. We’re blasting off into outer space with this week’s gif party in celebration of The Expanse, science fiction, and intergalactic party people everywhere.


Be sure to leave your favorite dancing or party gif in the comments. Bonus points this week will be awarded to those folks and shows celebrating out in space. After all, The Expanse is coming back for season five on December 16 and we want to be ready. Whether it’s having an anti-gravity dance party, or just getting down in a futuristic setting, whether it’s aboard the Roci, Star Trek’s Discovery, an alien planet, wherever. The sky’s the limit...literally!

Just make sure you can hold down your Romulan ale first.

Ain’t no party like a Tilly (Mary Wiseman) party!
Gif: CBS All Access

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