The Hostess Fruit Pie ad Sandman and the Endless never made

In the glory days, when Twinkies were plentiful and fruit pies weren't on the endangered species list, superheroes her eager spokespeople for Hostess products, hawking the wonders of Chocodiles and Donettes from the pages of comic books. But Neil Gaiman's gloomy Dream and the rest of his Endless siblings from Sandman never got in on the pie-selling action, at least not until now. Artist Axel Medellin Machain dreams up the Sandman fruit pie ad that never was.

Over at CBR's The Line It Is Drawn, other artists have lined up unlikely shills for Hostess' chemically preserved goods: Rorschach, John Constantine, the Saga family unit, even Swamp Thing and Alan Moore. You can almost see the fury in cartoon Alan Moore's eyes as he's compelled to push pies.


The Endless and Hostess [Axel Medellin via Super Punch]

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