The Horror And Glory Of Blood: The Last Vampire's Ancient Blood-Suckers

Blood: The Last Vampire, opening Friday, won't be just teen vampires kicking butt in schoolgirl uniforms. New concept art from artist Alex Tuis shows more vampire elegance... as well as some grotesque creature designs. Check out a couple more, below.


Rotten Tomatoes has an exclusive gallery of Tuis' concept art from Blood: The Last Vampire, as well as other recent movies like Dragonball Evolution. Blood: The Last Vampire is hitting select U.S. cities this Friday, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cambridge, Mass., Honolulu, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston Seattle and Washington, D.C. A complete list is here.

More of Tuis' amazing concept art can be found at both links, below.

[Alex Tuis and Rotten Tomatoes]


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