The Hobbit's Beorn is revealed in all his muttonchopped glory

We had a small, blurry pic of The Hobbit's shapechanger Beorn from the back, but now we have a large blurry pic of Beorn from the front, and he looks like... huh. Looks like actor Mikael Persbrandt got his sideburns on.


Okay, to be honest, I think he looks more than a little like Wolverine's nemesis Sabretooth, but that's mostly because of his massive sideburns and the fact that his hair is kind of light (although The Hobbit book states that it should be black, right?). He also looks like the Monkey King in that recent live-action Journey to the West movie:

That's not to say it's bad; if you want a dude who's in touch with the animal kingdom, this is clearly the way to go. Frankly, I'm just happy any time a new Hobbit character is revealed who isn't covered in feces.

[Via Geek Tyrant]


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