"The Hobbit" starts production in February

One of the most agonizingly delayed geek movie projects is back on the fast track, if reports are to be believed. New Line Cinema worked out a deal to put the movie out, despite financial turmoil at co-owner MGM. And yes, Peter Jackson will be directing. Production is set to start in February. Update: Warner Bros. actually put out an announcement that Jackson will start directing The Hobbit in February, so it's official now. [The Wrap]


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Benedict Arnold? Traitor!

I think The Hobbit is a little too fairy taleish to translate well to live action. I'm afraid things like the way Bilbo outwits the trolls are just going to look silly. How about a Scouring of the Shire movie? That's honestly the only part of the books I really enjoyed reading after the hobbits reached Rivendell in The Fellowship of the Ring.