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The Hobbit really could become a trilogy. Plus more Iron Man 3 set photos!

Illustration for article titled emThe Hobbit/em really could become a trilogy. Plus more emIron Man 3/em set photos!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Joel Wyman drops crucial hints about how Fringe will end. Check out the making of Total Recall's action scenes. NBC turns to Dracula. Game of Thrones adds a Misfits alum. Plus more details about NBC's electricity-free series Revolution!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Total Recall.

Iron Man 3

Here are some promo photos from the recent filming in Rose Hills, North Carolina. Here's some additional context on the photos from Rose Hills local Sue Wells, which point to a Christmas setting and an explosion in an office building:

They bought a ton of items from our Carolina East Wallace Hospice Thrift Store... last Saturday, they bought Christmas decorations... yesterday, he call me and asked could we open the store for them to purchase more items he had seen... they bought desk, chairs, ... all kinds of office scene things... they are going to blow them up in a scene so they had to have duplicates of everything!!!


[Comic Book Movie]

Here are some new casting calls put out under the movie's fake production name Caged Heat. The casting people seem to be going to some ridiculous lengths to avoid using the term "mobster":

Seeking Males 30's -60's who can pass for Sopranos, Goodfelllas & The Godfather types. Submit to us with the heading GUARD. Please DO NOT submit for this if you do not truly look the part.

Caged: Seeking Young Rocker, post Punk and Goth types. Males 18 -22 that can portray teens. Submit photo and your information to us at with heading REQUEST.

Caged: Seeking Punk & Goth type males ages 18 -20 that can portray teens. Please submit your photo and information to us at with heading GOTH

CAGED: Seeking Adults and Children of Middle Eastern and Indian descents. Submit to us at with heading AUG.

[Caged Heat Casting]

Here are more set photos from the recent mid-air rescue scene. You can check out some corresponding set videos at the link. [Comic Book Movie]


The Hobbit

After revealing his desire to turn his Hobbit adaptation into a trilogy, Peter Jackson has reportedly spent the last week with producer and wife Fran Walsh and writer-producer Philippa Boyens to figure out the logistics of shooting as much as two more months worth of footage. The challenges include sorting out the actors' contracts for them to return, making sure the financials make sense for Warner Bros. to give it the green light, and securing any lingering rights questions — and with The Hobbit, there are always lingering rights questions, for whatever reason. Reports indicate the decision on whether to go ahead will be made in the very near future, with the goal being to "tell more of the story", even if it seems like an open question whether there's really enough story in The Hobbit for two movies, let alone three. [Heat Vision]


Total Recall

Here's a featurette revealing how Underworld director Len Wiseman put together the action sequences in his upcoming Total Recall reboot. [Screen Crush]


Illustration for article titled emThe Hobbit/em really could become a trilogy. Plus more emIron Man 3/em set photos!

Here's the front cover of the movie's tie-in digital comic, as drawn by Greg Staples. The comic is written by Matt Smith — no, not that Matt Smith, but rather the editor of 2000 AD — and introduces the movie's villain Ma-Ma, who is played by Game of Thrones star Lena Headey. [Shock Till You Drop]

Jack & Diane

Here's a trailer for the teen lesbian werewolf romance movie — yes, you read that right — starring The Dark Knight Rises supporting player Juno Temple and Magic Mike's Riley Keough. [/Film]


Showrunner Joel Wyman hints at how he plans to end the show in the fifth and final season, and while he isn't exactly promising a happy ending for the characters, he's pretty damn insistent on a satisfying ending for them:

"I can only go back to what I want to see as a viewer. I want to see the characters get what they deserve to get. I want there to be a feeling of hopefulness so that the next day, when you're driving to work, you can imagine that these characters will be OK, and let Fringe go into the ether in a way that is satisfying and bittersweet."



Elsewhere, Wyman talked some more about what the final season is all about, with the complex, time-disrupted relationship between Peter, Olivia, and their daughter in 2036 a major factor:

We've always said the show is this great family drama that is masquerading as this science fiction show. For me, [Season 5] is a metaphor for how difficult it is to have a family in this day and age...Another part of the challenge was to bring back things that you've forgotten about, some things maybe you haven't forgotten about, recontextualize them and make the series make sense, and that was a very big part of what I was after. There's going to be a lot of those [moments] and one specifically that's going to be very impactful, I hope."


[TV Guide]

Here are some cast photos for season five. [SpoilerTV]

Game of Thrones

Misfits actor Iwan Rheon has been cast as "Boy" in season three, according to his CV. Some subsequent set reports suggest he is most likely playing the character Ramsay Snow, otherwise known as the Bastard of Bolton, who was dispatched by Robb Stark to take back Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy. [Winter Is Coming]



Here are some video interviews with executive producers Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt, costar Sasha Roiz, and newly promoted regular cast member Bree Turner. There's a few more interviews at the link. [TV Equals]


Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, the man behind the latest sprawling, mythology-driven, mysterious network show says he is going to avoid the pratfalls of previous series by providing answers to the show's big mysteries, as soon as possible. And while I'm pretty sure the people behind all the previous sprawling, mythology-driven, mysterious network shows have said much the same thing, he sounds a little more forceful than most:

"I'm not a fan of endless mystery in storytelling. I like solid, aggressive red-blooded storytelling. I like to know where the mythology is going. I like to get there in an exciting fast-paced way... and pay off mystery and reward the audiences' loyalty. You can answer questions and ask new ones."


He also claims the show's premise of a world without electrical devices — though they're still apparently referring to it as a world without energy, which is just gibberish — is actually scientifically plausible, and they even asked this physicist dude about it, and he totally said it could happen, so shut up! (I'm paraphrasing.) Also, there's this quote:

"It's a really compelling what-if. What would happen if we all live without electricity in this technologically over-extended world of ours? This epic journey is how can we save the world and get the lights back on. That's a part of it, but for me it's a really fun epic saga... It's intensely character driven... [with people] who are all just struggling to come together against incredible diversity."


I think we can all just logically assume that last word is meant to be "adversity" and not "diversity", because otherwise... yeesh. [TV Guide]

Additional spoilers by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.


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Hmm, more Hobbit its good, but it seems like three films might be infringing on where the extended cuts would normally fit. I don't mind that they're adding in stuff from the LOTR appendices about Sauron in Mirkwood etc, but three films would kind of seem like they're cashing in and keeping it under the Hobbit title for rights reasons, rather than creating an outrigger Gandalf movie which they might struggle to secure rights for.