The history of Bioshock Infinite, in convenient 1960s school filmstrip form

We know our sister site Kotaku does the video game coverage, but Bioshock Infinite — with its floating city, early 1910s setting, and blimp-punk aesthetic — just appeals to us for some reason. As does this newest trailer, which takes a look at the history of the city of Columbia as if it was one of those insanely awful 1960s filmstrips they were showing American students all the way through the 1980s, which made the most interesting topics seem unbelievably boring. Which somehow makes this fake "documentary" trailer all the more riveting. Well done, Irrational Games.


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Kip Russell: Has Spacesuit, will babble

Very, very well done, indeed.

I can't help but think that choosing "Infinite" as a subtitle kind of limits them in terms of future versions/sequels/re-development of the Bioshock brand, n'est-pas?

I mean, with "Infinite," there really isn't any "one louder" to go to, is there?