Click to viewWho said blondes have more fun? It's not all tight dresses, glowing spines and messing with Baltar's head when you're a Cylon, you know; there's a downside as well. And, as Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer reveals, it has less to do with guilt brought on from mass genocide and much more to do with the perils of peroxide.Talking to TV Squad, Helfer explained that the fact that she wasn't blonde, but her character was, really started to cause problems the more the show went on:

Yeah I [bleached my hair] for the mini-series, the first season and for half of the second season. When we started the second season, every episode my hair gets thinner and thinner and thinner, and shorter and shorter and shorter, and then finally it started falling out in chunks and they had to give me a wig.


I expect the internet to be full of screencaps from people checking out the state of her hair episode by episode by this time tomorrow. Don't let me down, people. Tricia Helfer: The TV Squad interview [TV Squad]