The hidden meanings of LEGO's Lord Business's costume

The Lego Movie's Lord Business is costumed, unsurprisingly, in Lego-made garb — but that's not the only telling element of what he's wearing. Spoilers, and costume analysis, ahead, Lego-fans.

Lord Business was the subject of a not-particularly positive spot on Fox Business today, as covered here where it was noted that "you could argue that the ONLY reason Lord Business is a villain is because SPOILER TALK FROM HERE this Lego creation was inspired by the child's strict parent, who just so happens to be a guy in a suit."


Commenter mekki expanded on that point with some additional observations on other elements of Lord Business's costume — and just what they might mean:

That's what I got from the movie as well. Emmet is the kid and Lord Business was the father. The whole movie is really about a child's relationship with his father. Everything about Lord business made sense when you realize that he is the father. The fact that he wears platforms is because to a kid, his father towers over him so Lord would have to be super tall as well. The costume that Business seems like a helmet and cape but seen from behind you realize it's actually a tie. A business tie.

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