The war-monger being her truest self.
Image: Amilcar Pinna, Ulises Arreola (Valiant)

There are times in life when you’re presented with things that aren’t to your liking, and the only way to get by is to bite your your tongue and do everything in your power to just bear the agony of your current circumstances in order to move onto greater things. This is a fact that the heroes of this week’s best new comics understand keenly.

The war-monger sharing water with Genghis Khan.
Image: Kano, Viktor Kalvachev, Veronica Fish, Amilcar Pinna (Valiant)

The Forgotten Queen

For most people, the world as we know it is a place that’s been defined by wars—and the people who survived them long enough to put their accounts of the events down on paper.

Valiant’s The Forgotten Queen invites us into a world where the literal embodiment of war finds herself at a crossroads of sorts. As much as she loves the violence and bloodshed that come with the activity that spawned her existence, she’s disillusioned with her current reality that’s seemingly too small to accommodate the scale of her personality. Witchcraft is a known quantity, and yet those who practice it are written off as being unreliable storytellers whose magic can’t really be believed in to do more than craft fanciful narratives. But when two mortals are foolish enough to tread across one woman’s watery resting place, a goddess of death is reawakened in an unexpected way that portends world-changing events. (Tini Howard, Amilcar Pinna, Valiant)

Cameron Rivers letting her inner demon take over.
Image: Erica D’Urso (Space Between Entertainment)

Prison Witch

In Amy and Pat Shand and Erica D’Urso’s Prison Witch, Cameron Rivers is a woman with a dangerous secret she’s desperate to hide: deep within her soul, she’s harboring a demon that has wildly destructive powers that bubble to the surface whenever she’s upset or disturbed by others. As much as Cameron would like to keep her special friend secret, it’s an integral part of who she is, and something that she’s got to learn to make peace with.


As much as Cameron’s loath to admit it, the metaphysical being haunting her has her very best interests at heart, and actively wants to see her survive the experience of being imprisoned so that she might go on to have a more fulfilling life. But at the same time, the being is a mischievous enigma that Cameron can’t rely on to get her out of situations—and something that she’s going to have to learn about if she ever wants to be truly free the way her heart desires. (Pat Shand, Amy Shand, Erica D’Urso, Space Between Entertainment)

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