​The heroes of Bitten are also its most horrible villains

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Okay. Either Bitten is a very subtle look at how fascists justify their oppression of others, or the show just has no clue that having its secondary protagonist castrating a man to death for choosing love over the law is supremely, supremely fucked.


Quick recap: Jeremy is poisoned, Elena searches for Zachary Cain's human galpal, gets caught in another super-obvious trap, where Marsten actually just asks her to stay out of the upcoming battle; after breaking Killwolf's arm and discovering the poison he dosed Jeremy with, Elena leaves unharmed. Clay tortures Zachary Cain for a while, and it ends very badly (see below). Nick goes off to erase his father's death and have meaningless sex while the Pack is still in incredible danger and its leader lays dying. And last and most certainly least Dullfriend sees Elena's clothes in the Wolf Vodka video, which he believes means she was cavorting naked in the woods somewhere.

All this is crap. There are two massively important points in "Prisoner": 1) Elena talk with Cain's gal pal, who reveals she not only knows about werewolves, but that Cain refused to bite her because he loved her too much to risk losing her. Note this is EXACTLY opposite of what ostensible hero Clay did when he bit Elena immediately upon Jeremy telling Clay she simply had to leave when he first brought her home.


And on the subject of Clay perhaps not being a hero: 2) After Elena confronts Clay with the news that Zachary Cain loves his shitty Helena Bonham Carter knock-off more than Clay apparently ever loved Elena — that he trusted her enough to be honest with her about himself, but also loved her so much he couldn't bite her despite how much she begged — Clay confronts Cain. And Cain confirms it all; he does love HBC, and the only reason he joined this Mutt uprising is because Pack law says that if she knows about werewolves she has to die, but he also didn't want to lie to her. He practically has to overthrow the Pack if he wanted to be honest with the woman he loves and continue to live with her. Oh, and then Clay castrates Zachary Cain to death.

What the fuck? And that's just for the reveal that Zachary Cain is nobler, romance-wise, than Clay. What the fucking fuck is my reaction to Clay castrating a character.

I'd mentioned before my confusion about Bitten's werewolf society, and someone mentioned that Mutts were just inherently less in control than Pack wolves. But how is that all mitigated by harassing every Mutt to prevent them settling down roots? How can they possibly be serene when the only true relationships the Pack allows are those within the Pack?

Sure, Cain and the Mutts have murdered people — Pete, Antonio, several innocents, and I'm not excusing that — but the Packs of the world apparently can kill Mutts for disobeying laws that they did not make, and cannot argue against. The Mutts here have killed a bunch of people, but have they killed more than Clay did in his job as enforcer?! And the enforcer before him, this Jimmy Koenig guy (who has been hired by the Mutts) was apparently much more violent than Clay. This sounds like fascism, plain and simple. "We're morally the best people in town, but we forbid you to love. Oh, and unless you follow all of our rules, we'll cast you out and prevent you from ever settling down, and if we see anybody breaking these rules we're going to kill you, and it'll be okay because we're in charge." Seriously, this is completely fucked up.


Even if you disagree about Pack vs. Mutt society, think about this: Zachary Cain, the ostensible bad guy, loved a woman so much that he was willing to die for her. Clay, the ostensible hero, loved a woman so much he was willing to kill her. Also, only one group is ripping people's dicks off. Honestly, of the two sides, I know which one I'd rather be on.

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The Homework Ogre

Also, only one group is ripping people's dicks off. Honestly, of the two sides, I know which one I'd rather be on.


When faced with such a decision, it's almost always better to be on the side of the ripp-ers rather than the ripp-ees.