The Heavy Metal TV series to bring scifi sex 'n violence to the U.S.

With its second season almost wrapped, the 2012 French TV series Metal Hurlant Chronicles — based on the adult scifi/fantasy magazine we know as Heavy Metal — will finally premiere on the Syfy Channel this April. There's slave girls, spaceships, and guys with swords trying to take out giant robots. Interested?


The show, which will consist of 14 episodes, is an anthology where every episode takes place on a different planet with a different cast. It's pulled a wide array of genre entertainment talents, including Rutger Hauer, James Marsters, Michael Jai White, Kelly Brook, Scott Adkins, John Rhys-Davies, and many more.

I don't think it's going to replace 2001 in anyone's hearts, but hopefully it'll be equivalent to what it was like to sneak a peek in Heavy Metal at the magazine rack — an extremely guilty, but totally worthwhile pleasure.


[Via Variety]

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If it is on SyFy there will be no bare boobies. Heavy Metal without bare breasts is like drinking an O'Doul's.