The Harry Potter: A History of Magic Audiobook Will Be Narrated by the Dulcet Tones of Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer shuns print in the new promotional image for the Harry Potter: A History of Magic audiobook.
Photo: Pottermore

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to Natalie Dormer talk about magic, you are about to get very lucky. The Game of Thrones star has been tapped to narrate an audiobook all about the wizarding world and more called Harry Potter: A History of Magic.

Pottermore, the official Harry Potter fansite, has just announced the actor’s involvement in the project, which won’t revolve solely around J.K. Rowling’s texts and is not to be confused with the Bathilda Bagshot-penned fictional book oft-cited by Hermione Granger. Pottermore describes the audiobook as “an original non-fiction audiobook that reveals hidden stories from real-world magic and how some of its ancient objects, manuscripts and spells influenced the Harry Potter stories...From European runes to Chinese oracle bones, crystal balls and broomsticks to giants and werewolves, the audiobook brings to life a multitude of artifacts—the very stuff of magic and mythic tradition.”


But don’t worry Potterheads, there’s going to be plenty for us specifically, too.

It is structured according to the subjects taught at Hogwarts—from Potions to Defence Against the Dark Arts—and also sheds light on the development of the Harry Potter series thanks to a dive into J.K. Rowling’s own archive as well as those of her publishers.

The project will also feature interviews by previous Harry Potter audiobook voices Jim Dale and Stephen Fry, as well as illustrators Jim Kay and Olivia Lomenech Gil. Harry Potter: A History of Magic is set for an October 4 release (you can pre-order on Audible now), the same day the London exhibition opens in New York City.

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