The Han Solo Sneakers of Your Dreams Are Finally Here

Po-Zu’s new Han Solo sneakers.
Image: All Images: Lucasfilm LTD.
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Did you ever put on your Han Solo pants and think, “I wish this Corellian Bloodstripe went all the way down to the floor?” Well, now it can.

Po-Zu, makers of those lovely Porg sneakers, are back with these sleek Star Wars shoes dedicated to everyone’s favorite scoundrel. They extend the iconic “Corellian Bloodstripe” from Han Solo’s pants in A New Hope right down the side of your ankle, instantly conveying “Solo” while also keeping things at least semi-subtle for non-fans.


The shoes go on pre-order March 31 at this site, but here are a few more photos for you to check out.

From the back.
The bottom.
On a foot.
Haunting your dreams.

For more info, an interview with Po-Zu’s founder and designer, and additional photos, head to



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