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The Guy Who Made Kong: Skull Island Directed This Flashy, Live-Action Trailer for Destiny 2

That armor actually looks... good?
That armor actually looks... good?

Coming in September for consoles and October for PC, Destiny 2 is the sequel to Bungie’s multiplatform, life-eating, scifi video game. As sometimes happens, it’s being heralded with a splashy teaser starring actually living, breathing human beings. This one was helmed by ascendant Hollywood talent Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director behind Kong: Skull Island, and it’s pretty great.

As you can see, the clip offers some of the same sense of scale, action and comedy that the big-gorilla movie did. Vogt-Roberts is signed on for an adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, the classic tactical-stealth-action-game series created by superstar game designer Hideo Kojima, so this Destiny 2 teaser may serve as a bit of a window to how the director may tackle the upcoming adventures of Solid Snake.


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Is that classical music?