The Guiltiest Pleasures, from Big Bang Theory to Twilight

On this episode of the io9 show, Esther and I confess our guilty pleasures — the things we are completely embarrassed to admit that we love. Like bad vampire stories and even worse sitcoms.* Plus, Esther shows you a scientific guilty pleasure: making soap explode in the microwave. Finally, we respond to a viewer's critique of JJ Abrams' show Revolution — and we talk more about why Esther loves Arrow.


* And yes, I feel so guilty about liking Big Bang Theory that somehow I got Amy Farrah Fowler's name wrong in the show. I will live in infamy forever.


Angrier Geek

Yes, you should be ashamed of liking a show as horrible as The Big Bang Theory. And this is coming from someone who has decided that Beauty & The Beast is his favorite new TV show.