As if you needed any more reason to want to purchase Guardians of the Galaxy when it hits Blu-ray on December 9th, now word is that it will contain an exclusive preview of Avengers: Age of Ultron. That clicking sound you hear is thousands of people frantically adding it to their Amazon wishlist.


Unless Marvel releases a trailer between now and then — which is possible — it'll be the first time people outside of San Diego Comic-Con will be able to see a preview of the sequel. That... that'll probably help sell a few extra copies. Given that GotG has already become Marvel's third highest-grossing movie behind Avengers and Iron Man 3, I'm pretty sure sales were gonna be fine, but now? All gloves are off.

Warning: Of course, the DVD will not have the Age of Ultron preview, just the Blu-ray... which also has an exclusive gag reel, an audio commentary, and making-of featurettes. You're gonna want the Blu-ray.

[Via Comic Book Movie]

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