Spider-Man will face off against the Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool, in Amazing Spider-Man #611... and it's written by Deadpool super-scribe Joe Kelly. And check out this cover art, which artist Skottie Young posted on his DeviantArt page.

Kelly describes the issue as "a big, baroque comic book story that devolves into a 'yo mama' fight." A nefarious third party pits the two wise-asses in red against each other, to distract Spidey's attention from some other evildoings. But mostly, the plot is just an excuse for Spider-Man's light-hearted banter style to clash with Deadpool's meaner humor and fourth-wall-punching. If only Sam Raimi would grab Kelly's script and use it for a big chunk of Spider-Man 4...


Spider-Man Vs. Deadpool art by Skottie Young. [MTV via Newsarama]

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