The "Grown-Up" Transformers Series You've Been Waiting For Is Here

Well, almost here. Hasbro has announced that there will be a new animated Transformers cartoon, finally geared towards an “older” audience. It’s titled Combiner Wars, based on the recent toyline and comics, and will debut later this year on Machinima.

Obviously, the coolest Transformers were always the ones who could join forces to transform into a larger robot. So for an entire series to focus on the giant combiner robots? As they partake in something called The Combiner Wars? Yes, please. That’s classic Aerialbot cobiner Superion in the picture. It’s probably worth pointing out that one of Hasbro’s exclusive toy sets include three “Combiner Hunters”—Arcee, Chromia and Windblade—who hunt down and destroy these giant robot with giant, badass weapons. (Seriously, Arcee’s sword makes Cloud Strike’s Buster sword from Final Fantasy VII look like a rapier.)


More details as they come.

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