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Well, this is turning out to be a good day for Black Mirror—first news of a fourth season on the way, and now, our very first footage from the third. It’s brutal, haunting, a bit NSFW, and we absolutely cannot wait to see more.

Revealed by Entertainment Weekly this morning, the trailer features footage from a bunch of the six new episodes hitting Netflix later this month.

Opening with a line from Bryce Dallas Howard’s character commenting on people living in their heads so much and losing sight of what’s actually real, the trailer introduces the dark new worlds Black Mirror will take us to—from sinister VR gaming, to lurid surveillance, to commentaries on drone warfare and social media.

It’s all horrifying, but we still csan’t wait to see the rest of it—and we won’t have to wait much longer. Black Mirror season three drops six new episodes on Netflix October 21st.


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