The Green Hornet Movie Is Officially Dead To Us

Not only has Stephen Chow dropped out as director of Seth Rogen's Green Hornet, but now it's being hinted that he may also be thinking about quitting as co-star. Interest levels in movie... fading...

The new development in Chow's increasing distance from the Hornet movie comes from the Associated Press, which also revealed that Chow stepped down as Hornet director because of his interest in working on an original superhero movie with Jack Black, proving that Chow's taste in American comedians may be improving.


However, the AP article also notes that "Chow said whether he stays on to play Kato in "The Green Hornet" depends on his schedule," which is a change from initial reports, which said that he would definitely be staying on as an actor. A sign that that he's continuing to move away from the project? Possibly. Definitely a sign that we're becoming less and less optimistic about the project, though.

Chow drops out as director of 'Green Hornet' [International Herald Tribune/AP]

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