This past weekend, over a thousand Star Trek fans dressed in their most creative Star Trek costumes at Star Trek Las Vegas. And just like last year, the sheer variety of characters and cool concepts was overwhelming. Jordan Hoffman was there, and he took some stunning cosplay photos.

Hoffman also moderated a panel ranking all the Star Trek movies from best to worst at the convention, and you might be shocked by how the hardcore Trek fans voted:

1 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
2 - Star Trek: First Contact
3 - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
4 - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
5 - Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
6 - Star Trek (2009)
7 - Galaxy Quest (an unorthodox pick, but endorsed in person by Denise and Mike Okuda)
8 - Star Trek: Generations
9 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture
10 - Star Trek: Nemesis
11 - Star Trek: Insurrection
12 - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
13 - Star Trek Into Darkness

Yes, I am personally astonished that Star Trek IV only came in fourth. I would have expected it to be second, or third at the very least. It just shows that comedy gets no respect. Also, if you're including Galaxy Quest as a Trek movie, it probably deserves to go higher than #7.

Meanwhile, here are our favorite cosplay photos from Star Trek Las Vegas:

Who are these guys?

Lady Gorn!

Dr. Crusher from Time's Arrow

Garak with Glasses

M'Ress from the Animated Series

Vulcan priestess

Salt vampire!

Sela and an Andorian


Harry Mudd

Old School Klingon


Janice Rand & Ziyal

Kai Opaka (holding an orb!)


Old School Romulan


Pallra Vaatrik

A Troglodyte!


Kai Winn

Odo and Kira!

Korob from Catspaw

Sylvia from Catspaw (His partner in the costume contest)

Photo by Mission Log Podcast.


Drunk Borg

Mirror Universe "Intendant" Kira

Dabo Girl

Losira from "That Which Survives"

Mirror Universe Uhura


When Q made Wesley a Grownup

The famous TNG skant...

Wedding party from "Amok Time"

Dr. Miranda Jones

Balok! Have some tranya!

The Tholian Web!

Remember Vedek Bareil?

Deep Space Nine

Vegas Orion showgirl...

Irina from "The Way to Eden"

Elaan of Troylus

"The Naked Time" away suit

When the EMH became an opera singer


TWO Jem'Hadar!

Tasha Yar and her killer, Armus


Tons of Borg!


Cowgirl Troi... Huh, okay.

Khan and his girlfriend

Seven of Nine, of course


Garak and Morn!

Major Kira and the Borg Queen

McCoy and his girlfriends from "Shore Leave"

Andrea and Mirror Spock...

Xindi Reptilian

Worf from a Fistful of Datas...

Sherlock Data

Klingon and Elton John Klingon

Harry Mudd, complete with bald spot!

Captain of the Phoenix!

Lego TNG?

So much shininess....

Ruk and Andrea, reunited....

And Lt. Ilia!