Click to viewThe little-person James Bond movie, For Y'ur Height Only, has plenty of flaws — actually, the movie is pretty much 90 minutes of non-stop flaw — but it does have this awesome jetpack scene. Weng, otherwise known as Agent 00, uses the jetpack to zoom over to the hidden island of Mr. Giant, which involves climbing a very small hill. It's a good thing the actual James Bond jetpack moment, in Thunderball, lowered the bar to the point where this looks pretty good by comparison.

In addition to fantastic dialog (Weng: "Shall we get it on?" Irma: "Yes, my darling, bare your bod!") the movie features some truly epic character acting, as you'll see from our second clip, of a conversation between the evil Mr. Giant and his captured scientist, Dr. Von Koehler, who refuses to hand over the N-bomb.