You may never get to drink at the Cantina — but you can still visit some real-life watering holes that celebrate your favorite stories. We've already shown you science-fictional bars we'd like to visit and people whose homes are based on spaceships, but here are real joints that boast a TARDIS, AT-ATs or the Martian landscape.

Two Alien-like H.R. Giger bars, based on H. R. Giger's designs, in Chur and in Château St. Germain, Gruyéres, Switzerland

(via Wikimedia Commons 1 - 2, H. R. Giger, Amy Dianna/Flickr and Marco Faré/Flickr)

Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde (Last Bar Before the End of the World), Paris, France

(via Dernier Bar/Facebook and Flickr/Rafael Lopez)

The Way Station, Brooklyn, New York City

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Lovecraft Bar, Portland

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The Encounter Restaurant at Los Angeles International Airport

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Star Wars Themed Bar in a Mediterranean Residence in Indiana

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's Baggers, featuring food rollercoasters, in Nuremberg, Germany

Customers choose their order on a touchscreen and it arrives on a series of rails.

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Space Aliens Grill & Bar

The Space & Aliens Grill & Bar has a restaurant in four cities: Albertville (MN), Fargo (ND), Waite Park (WN) and Bismarck (ND).

(via Space Aliens, oldskulphoto and Sally Neate)

Dalu Robot Restaurant with six robot waiters and two feminine greeting robots, Jinan, China

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Harbin Robot Restaurant, China

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Bonus: Mars 2112, New York City — opened in November 1998, closed in January 2012.

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