The Greatest Science Fiction Inventions That We Hope Never Become Real

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Science fiction is filled with both incredible inventions that became reality and incredible inventions that we hope will become reality at some point in the future. But, then, there is also a third category of inventions that, while amazing, have some unexpectedly troubling implications.


Pulled from this Kinja discussion, here are just some of the ground-breaking inventions from science fiction that, if they became real, could change the world in some terrible ways.

Flying Cars

That Small Dark Voice

Look. We need to have a talk about this whole flying car thing. I mean, yeah, it's iconic, it just screams, Future, bitches! Everyone from Marty McFly to the Jetsons has one in the future. But...I mean, we have to be serious here. I've seen my fellows driving in a mere two dimensions of maneuverability.

Just. Say. No.

The Transporter


This is something I've been giving some though to for some time.

Personally I believe the one piece of tech that should not be invented is that old Star Trek standby, The Transporter.

Yes I know it can be a boon to society as a whole, but it also has some less savory uses.


* No safe will be secure again - just take the safe to your hideout or beam it's door to a spot just outside the atmosphere

* Prisons will be next to useless when no sooner is the criminal locked safely in his cell than they are beamed away

War and Black Opps

* Whole armies can be removed or placed anywhere.

* Leaders and enemy's of the state can vanish without a trace.

* Pathogens and parasites can be introduced to undesirables without them being aware they are at risk.

* Ordinance can be placed where ever you want with pinpoint accuracy by a single General who wants nothing more than watch something go Boom.

Obviously the anything can be weaponised and I'd love to use this tech for it's intended purpose, but the possibilities of use that Dr. Evil Genius could think of are immense

The Replicator


The Replicator, because over night the global economy would just collapse, and I mean crater collapse. While it could be argued it would be great for food and scarcity, but without the financial incentive to go out and do something productive for society, sorry I'm an Architect and I just think about building, then required services, infrastructure etc would just fade away.


Do you have some of your own fictional tech to add to the list? Do it now in the comments.



"but without the financial incentive to go out and do something productive for society,"

oh this old chestnut... that's filled with bullshit. The world would not collapse, and people would not just do nothing. Have you ever been laid up in bed for a month? You go frikkin crazy sitting doing nothing. Meanwhile creative people who create for the sake of creating would... create things.

I bet you all the money I made since new years that tiny house and homesteading people would still build and design houses and homesteads kit designs. Gardeners would still garden. And nerds would still try to build robots and a sonic screwdriver design that they could replicate.

writers would still write, painters paint and sculpters sculpt. engineers would would still invent and designers would still design.