You think your science fiction memorabilia is impressive? The scifi fans depicted in movies and TV have way cooler shit than you do. Here are 10 nerds who don't even exist in real life, and whose collections still pwn yours.

Luke's Landspeeder Bed, 17 Again

Ned Gold, played by Thomas Lennon, was mercilessly teased and bullied in High School. But later he grows up, gets rich, and builds his own nerd palace full of goodies, my favorite being his amazing bed. Take that jocks.


Still, the mural next to his foosball room is pretty grand as well. Apparently there's this whole other plot about Matthew Perry being transformed from and old guy into Zac Efron, but I didn't make it all the way through after all the pausing and rewinding to go and drool over Ned's wonderful toys. Here are some shots of the mural.


Dr. Lazarus' Fan Head Piece, Galaxy Quest

By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, I shall have my Galaxy Quest Dr. Lazarus cap.

Brodie's Comic Collection, Mallrats

You just know Jason Lee's stash has some serious classics hidden in there. Plus, this is the collection that stated the rules we all try to follow: "Touch not, lest ye be touched."


The Van, Fanboys

It has an R2-D2 up top. Enough said.

The Trio's Van, Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Since I'm trying to keep it realistic โ€” because wouldn't we all want a working freeze ray โ€” I'm going to have to say the second automobile I covet, and would happily hot wire home, is The Trio's ride. Especially the horn.

Oscar Goldman Acton Figure, 40-Year-old Virgin


Andy Stitzer's toy collection is, well, ridiculous. There were so many boxes around his house that made me go "ohhh and ahhhh" I lost count. He even had The Six Million Dollar Man's boss, Oscar Goldman, action figure. Second only to his toys is the video game chair...which was pretty amazing.

Darlene's Sandman Fodder, Roseanne

Every so often, Darlene would have poster's of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman up in her room. This is why we love her. I desire not just any Sandman poster but her poster, not just because she was a cool art school chick, but because Joss Whedon was crafty enough to get them posted up on the set.


The Detailed Toy Dioramas, Can't Hardly Wait

First off dioramas are cool, no matter how you cut it, but William Lichter's basement is basically his world recreated by his toys.

Milhouse's Watchmen Babies, The Simpsons


Who doesn't want a copy of the Watchmen Babies DVD that set off comic book writer Alan Moore?

Wayne And Garth's Batman Exit Strategy, Wayne's World 2

Additional thanks to Marc Bernardin and Kara Warner.