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The Greatest Flying Motorcycle Scene You Will Ever Be Proud To Witness

This scene from 1982's Megaforce is the reason why flying motorcycles were invented. Watch as Hunter not only rides his motorcycle onto an airplane in mid-flight, but does a fancy dance while doing so. Because the good guys always win... even in the 80s.


Earlier today, we were talking about "megafranchises," and someone brought up the original megafranchise — Megaforce. Sure, it was only one movie — but no other franchise will ever be this mega, no matter how they try. The movie's end credits offer a pretty great clip reel of the whole thing over a rockin' theme tune — including the scene where someone jumps a motorcycle over a tank and drops a grenade inside:

And here's the scene where Hunter is introduced:

Sublime wonder! Why isn't Hunter as famous as James Bond?

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I don't know, the ones in Battlestar are pretty spectacular.