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Here’s Asa Butterfield in The Space Between Us, fighting every single thing in his body that tells him what fun is, keeping a grim face on while his character goes for a Martian joyride. Truly, this is the greatest acting challenge.


Why isn’t Butterfield more thrilled to do donuts on Mars? Okay, yes, I know the reason is that in The Space Between Us, Butterfield’s character was raised on Mars, is lonely as the only kid on the planet, and therefore is dead inside.

But I once drove around a traffic circle in my neighborhood a couple of times as a teen. I was going like 20 mph, but I still deeply enjoyed it. There is something really wrong with this kid. And it’s not just that his determined look of non-joy is the same look I get when I try to muster up excitement for The Space Between Us.


Here’s the full clip, via Entertainment Weekly:

The movie opens February 3.

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