The great lakes are now frozen enough for a plane to land on the ice

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Just how frozen are the great lakes right now? Frozen enough that a plane was able to successfully land on the deeply frosted over waters of Lake Huron today.


While flying over Lake Huron today, a pilot of a seven-passenger aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing when the engine stalled. The plane touched down safely on the thick ice, where safety crews met it with snowmobiles and sleds to tow the aircraft back to land.

The great lakes have been nearing a record level of frozenness — peaking last week at 89%. It still hasn't hit the record set in 1979, where the lakes hit an amazing 95% level, but it's looking possible that we could hit, or even exceed, the record this year.


Image: The great lakes as seen from space today / NOAA

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I live off the south eastern shore of Lake Michigan, and it's crazy here. Hundreds of people were walking out on the lake this weekend during our short respite of sun (we're being hit by yet another lovely storm as I type this), however, everybody I know is freaking out about the flooding to come. It's gonna be raining and 40 on Thursday, and we're terrified our garage is going to collapse. My husband has tried to keep up with getting snow of the roof of the house, but the detached garage may be a loss. We've moved the car out and are hoping for the best. Last year's flooding in Grand Rapids won't compare to this year's.