In 1961, Marx Toys advertised The Great Garloo as "an out of this world movie monster" for "every kid who has ever seen a science fiction movie" and showed him going on a rampage, destroying rail bridges and high tension wires. Click through for a video of Garloo's wimpy friend.

Combined with his evil looks, you can't blame a kid for not being able to sleep with The Great Garloo standing in the corner of his or her bedroom—which might be the reason why the second half of the commercial shows a kinder, gentler Garloo, sweet enough for sis to kiss. (By the way, according the American Institute for Economic Research, Garloo's price of $17.98 in 1961 is equivalent to almost $125.00 today—faithful servants never came cheap.)

And here's his friend, the less impressive giant robot named Big Loo:


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