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Watch The Astonishing Tribal Dances Of Ivory Coast

One of Ivory Coast's biggest festivals is Fêtes des Masques, in which villages compete to find the best dancers, and it's clear that the competition is stiff. The traditional dances of many Ivorian regions require remarkable feats of athleticism, of accentuated by elaborate outfits and masks


M'Boloi and Balafon, two traditional Senufo dances

The Zaouli de Manfla, a mask dance of Gouro people

The Kete dance of the Akan people

Traditional dances in a Malinke village

A Zaouli mask dance, a Saplo mask dance and Gbegbe coreography


The Glah mask dance of the We people

Goli, a Baoule dance

Snake girls, in a Guere dance

The Panther, a Senufo dance

The dance and music of Obɔfoɔ, the hunters in Akan societies

The Wazzi Dancers, a drumming and dance group from Ivory Coast

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Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

The Gouro Mask Dance is amazing. The amount of strength and talent required to make such accurate, fast, fluid body movement isolations is incredible! All that with very limited vision.