Mitochondria are your body's power plants - inside each of your cells, they convert sugars into energy. Last month, Harvard released this breathtaking 3D animation that shows a mitochondrion at work. Some call it the greatest science video ever made.


Creators of the video explain:

The animation highlights the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – mobile molecules which store chemical energy derived from the breakdown of foodstuffs. ATP molecules act as a kind of currency, imparting chemical energy to power most of the cell's activities.


I would love to get a more complete explanation of what we're seeing here, so if any molecular biologists want to offer one in comments I'll add it to the post.

There's a terrific story up on the New York Times today about the scientists who created this video, as well as other 3D visualizations of life inside our cells:

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