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The Goonies Is Becoming A Unique Interactive Experience, And We Want To Go

Illustration for article titled iThe Goonies/i Is Becoming A Unique Interactive Experience, And We Want To Go

Will fans ever get to see a sequel to The Goonies? Probably not. We do know the film’s writer is struggling with the idea, as is director Richard Donner. However, in a new interview, Donner reveals The Goonies is on its way to becoming a unique, immersive stage experience.


“We’re going to do an off-Broadway, do you know what ‘immersion theatre’ is?” the director asked Yahoo. “Where there’s no seats, the venue is you go into a warehouse and there’s something happening in that warehouse and that’s the play you’ve come to see, only you become part of it and you travel through with actors. It’s very popular now. We’re doing one on The Goonies. It will take another year or so but it’s going to be wonderful.”

Well that’s...awesome. Unfortunately, the article (which is an absolute must-read if you’re a fan of the 1985 film) doesn’t provide anymore info on this specific bit. It does mention the possibility of a sequel though (but the idea has to be right, blah, blah, the same old thing everyone has been saying for years. Basically, there’s no idea that’s good enough yet.)


But a Goonies immersive theater experience? That’s a really good idea. It sounds kind of like Escape Room, a popular event that they have in Los Angeles as well as other cities. There, you and a group of people have to work together to solve a series mystery to get out of a room. Which sounds almost exactly like the plot of The Goonies, does it not? Maybe for this one, you’d go in with a small group (your very own Goonies) and have to figure out a bunch of One-Eye Willy’s booby traps to get through a series of rooms. Kind of Escape Room plus dinner theater, minus the dinner.

Donner says it’s going to take “another year” for this to come to fruition, so we’ll have to be on the look out in 2016. But can you can imagine how popular an official Goonies event like this is going to be?


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Alpaca Lunch

So I have no nostalgia for the Goonies. I never saw it as a child. I tried to watch it as a two years ago, and it was really boring.

Is nostalgia why people like this film? I just don't get it.