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The Good Place Just Had a Phenomenal Payoff to a Season 1 Joke

Chidi is on the edge.
Chidi is on the edge.
Photo: Colleen Hayes (NBC)

The latest episode of The Good Place has our heroes finding their hidden strengths when faced with insurmountable odds. But it also provided fans with a really great callback to season one.

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At the beginning of “Jeremy Bearimy,” our four afterlife survivors are confronted with a devastating truth. Again.


Michael and Janet inform the now-alive Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason that they have spent the past 300 years (some very timey-wimey explanations there) suffering in the Bad Place, and failed their second chance to earn a spot in the better one. They’re now destined to die and spend eternity in hell, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

What the hell do you do after learning something like that? In the case of Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason, they actually strive to do the good deeds they failed to achieve in their normal lives. But Chidi, faced with a reality that defies everything he has ever known and worked toward in his life, has a complete breakdown—which includes, but is not limited to, taking off his shirt and sweater vest in the middle of a park.

Why hello.
Why hello.
Image: NBC (Hulu)

It’s a powerful moment for the character. Chidi has reached his Hormel chili boiling point, and has absolutely no idea how to handle what he’s learned. His best coping mechanism is to simply shut down, something we’ve never seen him do, at least not to this degree.


But the moment also took many viewers by surprise, to the tune of:
“Damn, Chidi, where have you been hiding that six-pack?” But if you recall, Eleanor’s had the scoop on that for quite some time—even before she and Chidi had their night of passion in one of the many Bad Place reboots. We put it together in a handy video for you, check it out!

That’s right, in the season one episode “Chidi’s Choice,” Eleanor reminded us all that she knew about Chidi’s “surprisingly jacked” status, right before she admitted she was in love with him.


Apparently, actor William Jackson Harper overcame one of his top five fears to film this scene. Speaking to Shadow and Act he said, “I grew up sort of an awkward, chubby kid and I got made fun of a lot. It just sort of stays with you, even now at this age, as a very, very grown ass man, I’m still scared of it.” But he also added, “The world didn’t end. Everyone’s ok.”

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This episode was so good and it had so many great moments. Chidi’s entire chili-and-peeps breakdown. Tahani and Jason just giving money away. Michael saying that he could kill them — “They are basically goo and juice. Take away the juice and they’re dead.” And, of course, Eleanor giving what is perhaps the most truthful and epic explanation of current day America ever:

Everyone does whatever they want, society did break down, it’s terrible, and it’s great! You only look out for number one, scream at whoever disagrees with you, there are no bees because they all died, and if you need surgery you just beg for money on the internet.