The Godzilla Sequel Will Feature Mothra, Rodan And King Ghidorah!

Illustration for article titled The emGodzilla/em Sequel Will Feature Mothra, Rodan And King Ghidorah!

Straight from Comic-Con, Legendary Films has announced that Godzilla 2 will be happening, and piling on the classic kaiju — including Godzilla's pals Mothra and Rodan, as well as his three-headed archenemy King Ghidorah! Can't. Wait.


Kaiju fans will recognize this sequel as including the line-up of the classic 1964 Toho kaiju film Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster, in which the three heroic kaiju took on Ghidorah simultaneously. Check it (that's Mothra in his larval form, for the record.):

In even better news, director Gareth Edwards announed he'll direct the sequel after he's done making his Star Wars movie! The panel included a sizzle reel; no new footage was shown, but it did include a voiceover from JFK, archival footage of old wars, and silhouettes of the monsters themselves. Now we just have to wait...

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