Illustration for article titled The GoBots Might Be Getting Their Own New Movie Or TV Show

Crappy toyline GoBots might be getting their own movie. Why? Because Hollywood has scraped the last bottom of the toy franchise barrel and this is all that's left.


According to (a die hard Transformers site), Hasbro (which bought out Tonka years ago) applied for a brand new GoBots trademark, and it's implied with this application comes the desire to expand the franchise of GoBots. This brand new trademark would allow Hasbro to make money off of the "distribution of motion pictures, on-going television programs" — vasically it means there COULD be a new GoBots series or movie. There's none currently in the works (that we know of), but there could be. Either way, Hasbro is making moves to give us all what we need... more GoBots. Yay.


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