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The Gizmodo/io9 Giveaway for Robotnik Film Heads

Illustration for article titled The Gizmodo/io9 Giveaway for Robotnik Film Heads

It's pretty much impossible to make a movie about robots that I don't want to see. Well, aside from Surrogates, maybe. But that atrocity isn't playing at this year's Robot Film Festival! Giz and io9 are giving away tickets to the event to the best robot rhymers.


The Goods

Two winners will receive a pair of tickets to the Robot Film Festival—July 16-17 in New York City.


How to Enter

Just write your best robot limerick (out of the dozens you obviously keep on hand for moments like this) in a comment, and we'll pick the two best entries within 24 hours. Here's a really terrible example of what it should look like (except good):

There once was a robot musician,
But she couldn't get anyone to listen.
To the music she played,
So one day she made,
A meat suit so she'd always always glisten.

All standard Gawker Media contest rules apply, naturally.

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Discovery was helmed by a bot,

but when HAL took control it was for naught.

He flushed the three sleeping,

and the one antenna upkeeping,

but into his brain box, Dave got.