The Gifted's Been Canceled, Bringing the Age of Fox's X-Men Closer to Its End

Polaris and two of the Frost sisters.
Polaris and two of the Frost sisters.
Image: Fox/Disney

As uneven as Fox’s X-Men movies have always been, with The Gifted, the studio seemingly found a way to tell a thoughtful story true to the X-Men’s origins as disenfranchised freedom fighters struggling to carve out a place for themselves in the world. After one excellent season, and a so-so followup that ended on a surprising cliffhanger, The Gifted is no more.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Gifted is not slated to return to television, which isn’t at all surprising when you consider Disney’s recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox and all the studio’s X-Men IP, which Marvel likely has long-term plans for way down the line.

While Disney and Marvel could have, in theory, kept the show chugging along by porting it over to the new Disney+ service, where all of Marvel’s new cape shows are set to live, there was always the strong possibility that Disney went into this deal with the intentions of hard rebooting the X-franchise as a whole, meaning that whatever dangling threads were left on The Gifted are going to remain that way.

With The Gifted winding down, it’s seeming more and more likely that Legion, Dark Phoenix, and New Mutants will be the end of Fox’s X-Men empire.

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I didn’t watch this show, but were there very strong ties to the movies? I have to think even if Marvel wanted to reboot the X-Men franchise to fit in their own universe, this could’ve kept going as its own pocket thing.