The Gifted Comic-Con Trailer Promises a New Kind of X-Men Story

Screenshot: Fxo via YouTube

The cast and crew of Fox’s new show set somewhere in the X-Men cinematic/television universe descended upon Comic-Con today with one of the more impressive panels of the week so far and plenty of new information about the series.

We’ve known for some time that in the world The Gifted is set in, the X-Men and the evil Brotherhood of Mutants existed at one point, but by the time the series begins have been mysteriously absent for some time.


In the newest trailer for the series, though, rather than trying to turn its mutants into the X-Men for TV, The Gifted is bringing characters like Thunderbird and Blink together to tell a story that speaks to the premise of Marvel’s X-Men comics: a hated minority living in fear of those who don’t understand them.

The Gifted premieres October 2 on Fox.

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