The German Star Trek music video that surprisingly never became a meme

Way back in July of 2004, I spent a month living in Berlin. While there, I was subjected to a lot of unapologetically deranged ear-worm Europop. Two songs were huge that summer: O-Zone's "Dragostea Din Tei" (which had yet to blow up in America) and the theme song to the German comedy Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1, a Star Trek parody in the vein of the American Naked Gun flicks.

I ended up seeing Traumschriff in theaters. Basically, the film's main gag is that Kirk, Spock, and Scotty are all flamboyant Bavarian homosexuals. And much like the many unfortunate Saturday Night Live films of yore (hey, I kind of liked MacGruber), this film was based on a one-note TV sketch.

The movie was pretty bad, but its damnable theme song ("Space Taxi") has been pinballing around my skull for the greater part of a decade. And because it's a Saturday night ripe for dance parties, it is now my gift to you. I'm sorry.

And here's the trailer to Traumschiff in case you were curious. Incidentally, "Space Taxi" was by no means my favorite trashy German Top 40 song of Summer 2004. That dubious honor goes to Sido's "Fuffies Im Club," a totally ridiculous German rap song about throwing high-denomination Euros around strip clubs (NSFW).

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I know Europe has fewer hang-ups than we Americans do about having to be politically correct all the time, but even so, I'd have figured they'd be past the adolescent "gay == automatic hilarity" thing.