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The genre-savvy adventures of a heroic princess and her Battle Dog

Illustration for article titled The genre-savvy adventures of a heroic princess and her Battle Dog

Wyra is Princess of the Star Kingdom and a magical girl (although really, she could do without the embarrassing transformation bit). She and her trusty Battle Dog must travel the kingdom, defending it from the forces of the kind of evil Necromancer in a series of silly adventures.


Webcomic Battle Dog is written by Andrew Duff and drawn by Matt Cummings, and it's shaping up to be a fun comic for anyone looking to add a bit of candy-colored goofball humor to their reading list. Wyra is an easy-going hero, but one who is none-too-charmed by her family's traditions (which involve transforming into a short-skirted manga babe). When she is tasked with venturing out on her great quest, she's perfectly happy to take her dog along as her companion-in-arms. It's perhaps the most sensible choice in a land populated by punk unicorns, killer sloths, and a nemesis who is perfectly happy to pause for a cocoa break.

But what will happen when Wyra faces off against the Necromancer? Will she truly take him down? Will the two of them find a larger foe to face? Or will Wyra's goofy family prove more formidable than any supposed evil?


[Battle Dog]

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I love Battle Dog! I assume the Necromancer won't be actual villain of the comic given his relationship to Wyra.