The Game of Thrones Series Finale Would Have Been Very Different if an AI Had Been in Charge

Jon Snow does not like being killed.
Jon Snow does not like being killed.
Image: College Humor

Game of Thrones had a crack team of writers working on every episode, from Benioff and Weiss to the occasional work of George RR Martin himself. But maybe it didn’t need it.

In a recent video by College Humor, the comedians behind that YouTube channel performed “The Game of Thrones Finale Rewritten with AI,” a wonderful exercise in absurdist narrative, with doppelgangers, delicious breakfast, and everyone’s favorite location—Winterfell’s Best Room.

The stage directions are a real highlight, with notes like, “Sansa gets closer to him and then takes out a large spear and pushes it into Jon’s stomach. He looks concerned.” As well he should.


No word from this video on the exact methodology behind making this script, though the practice of feeding writing to some primitive learning-based AI and seeing what it spits back out is a well-worn meme at this point. But those memes are rarely this funny, or performed this entertainingly. Or feature this many Jon Snows.

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You know it never occurred to me until now, this sounds a LOT like something someone with autism or asperger syndrome would write. I wonder if analyzing this ai would give any insight into the way a person with those two disorders at a similar level thinks and processes information and maybe even help find a way to better convey information to them to help them develop better social skills?